What is an oral pathologist?

An oral pathologist is a specialist in the diagnosis of diseases of the oral cavity, jaws, and adjacent structures. He is also interested in the mainly non-surgical treatment of these diseases.

What is a specialist in oral medicine?

The specialist in Oral Medicine Diagnoses and Treats Temporomandibular Disorders, Joint Disorders, Facial Pain, Migraines and Headache, Chronic Facial Muscular Pains, Mouth Cancers and Pre-Malignant Lesions.

Like the oral pathologist, it detects diseases in the mouth such as lichen planus, dry mouth and fungal infections.


Why go to an oral pathologist?

General dentists and specialists, ENT surgeons and dermatologists often ask for the opinion of an oral pathologist.

You are referred to an oral pathologist when, among other things, a lesion has been detected in your oral cavity or after taking x-rays.

Sometimes a patient has oral signs of a generalized disease and a diagnosis is necessary.