Reference form

In order to accommodate you, the medical form that we ask you to complete when you arrive at the clinic is also available online. Please make sure that the required fields are completed correctly.

    1 - Please identify who you would like to refer to :
    Periodontist (Dr Éric Lacoste)
    Endodontist (Dr Julie Leduc)
    Oral Medecine (Dr Éric Lessard)
    Oral Pathologist (Dr Julien Ghannoum)
    2 - Patient information

    Do you have a preference for an Endodontist ?

    3 - Required care

    Required care by Dr Éric Lacoste

    Required care by Dr Julie Leduc

    Required care to be confirmed for Dr Julie Leduc



    Therapy started

    Periodontal pocket

    Required care by Dr Éric Lessard

    Required care by Dr Julien Ghannoum

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    4 - Performed tests and additional information

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    Type of shutter materials present

    Performed tests (must include adjacent teeth)
    Teeth #
    Tooth slooth
    5 - Radiography sent ...

    Radiography : (maximum 2 mo by file)